Past Highlights

The Award Ceremony & VPET Project Exhibition

The Award Ceremony & VPET Project Exhibition of Hong Kong VPET Competition for Secondary Schools 2022 was held at D·PARK on 5 November 2022, presenting eight awards including the Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up, the Most Creative Award and four Awards of Merit. Titled “Shaping a better community with VPET Skills”, the competition aimed to unleash the innovation potentials of the young students by inviting their ideas to solve real-life problems in the community with Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) skills and ideas.

Hong Kong VPET Competition for Secondary Schools 2022

Hong Kong VPET Competition for Secondary Schools 2022 has been successfully held in HKPC Building on 8 October 2022. 12 out of 26 teams were shortlisted info the final competition. Each team presented their proposal and answered the questions raised by judging panel. Seven teams will be awarded and join the ‘Award Ceremony & VPET Project Exhibition’ to be held at D·PARK on 5 November. The activity will showcase the outstanding prototypes. Members of the public are welcome.

Parent-Child VPET Promotion Challenge 2021

The "Parent-Child VPET Promotion Challenge" held in 2021 has come to a successful conclusion. The 17 shortlisted teams were composed of employees of CTAN member parent companies and HKIVE, in which at least one member was a child/young person aged 10 to 18. Through company visits and different learning activities, the competition had strengthened mutual communication between parents and children. It also helped young people to exercise their thinking and organizational skills while deepened their understanding of VPET to enhance their interest in joining VPET studies/careers to become skilled and qualified professionals and technical talents. The final competition cum award ceremony was successfully held on October 16 at the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy.

VPET Promotion Competition 2020

The first-ever "VPET Promotion Challenge", attracting 35 teams participating groups, was completed with great success. Winners were commended at the award ceremony on 16th October 2020. The competition invited all full- time Secondary 4 and Secondary 5 students to participate in small groups. Through industry visits and various kinds of inspirations, students were able to deepen their understanding of VPET and CTAN and enhance their interest in joining VPET. CTAN hopes to cultivate youngsters to become qualified technical personnel for the sustainable development of the industries.