Industry Background

Hong Kong's gas industry covers a wide range of sectors. The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) is Hong Kong's first public utility founded in 1862. Towngas is one of the largest energy suppliers in Hong Kong.

The customer base now is over 1.9 million accounts covering residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The gas infrastructure has grown and improved over the years, such that the customers today enjoy a supply continuity rate of over 99.99%. Towngas operates with world-class corporate management and leading- edge business practices. In addition to gas supply, Towngas strives to offer total solution service, ranging from comprehensive after-sales services to a wide variety of gas applications that meet the customer needs.

Organisations in the gas industry include Government/Public bodies, Utilities, Developers, Property Management Companies, Building Services Companies, Consultants, Suppliers and Contractors, etc.

Career Prospect

Taking Towngas as an example, apart from supplying gas to general residential customers for cooking, clothes drying and bathing, gas is now also used in various industrial and commercial areas, including dehumidification, air conditioning and tri-generation.

With the global emphasis on climate change, the HKSAR Government will promote a series of work to address climate change to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Towngas will also develop hydrogen energy applications such as hydrogen fuel cells. The businesses in these different areas are in great demand for professionals with gas knowledge and skills, and provide a diverse environment with more development opportunities for practitioners. Other companies in the industry also have different job positions for those who are interested to join. The development prospects of the gas industry will be very broad.

Main Job Positions

Talents in various fields are in great demand to cope with the development needs of the Gas industry. Taking Towngas as an example, aspirants can join the following career fields, with continuous learning, they can be promoted from technicians to engineers or even higher positions.

  • Project Installation
  • Residential Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Commercial & Industrial Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Gas Production
  • Transmission Operation
  • Distribution Operation

Other stakeholders in the industry also offer different job opportunities.

Sharing of study opportunities