Corporate Tech Academy Network (CTAN)

Founded in 2018, the Corporate Tech Academy Network (CTAN) is an alliance formed by seven corporate academies, namely the CLP Power Academy, the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy, the Hong Kong Institute of Construction, the Engineering Discipline of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE Engineering), the HKPC Academy, the MTR Academy, and the Towngas Training Institute. The Engineering Discipline In-service Training Office of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE Engineering) provides administrative support and services to the alliance.

CTAN members are entrepreneurial institutes with extensive experience in talent training. In response to the growing demand for skilled workforce in our society, CTAN is committed to nurturing qualified technical professionals while encouraging career upward mobility through lifelong learning. The alliance is dedicated to reinforcing, improving, and promoting Vocational and Professional Education Training (VPET) and affirming VPET's contribution to the development of Hong Kong.


To be a powerful alliance of local entrepreneurial institutes, promoting the development of technical professionals in Hong Kong.


Promote Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) for developing a skilled workforce to lead Hong Kong to become a smarter, greener, and lower-carbon city.

Ir Chris Cheung
Chairman of Corporate Tech Academy Network

Welcome Speech

The six corporate academies share the same views on development of professional talents, establishment of The Corporate Tech Academy Network (CTAN) aims at enhancing, improving and promoting Vocational and Professional Education & Training (VPET) for the continuous development of a skilled and qualified professional/technical workforce supporting the sustainable growth, life-long learning culture, and providing an upward opportunities for young people. At the same time, various technology industries are developing at an unprecedented speed, that fuels the demand for technical talents with wisdom, enterprising spirit and imagination, so that Hong Kong can take the lead and move towards to become a smarter, greener and lower-carbon city. CTAN will continue to focus on innovative technologies and develop talented young people who can move our industry forward.

Vocational and Professional education starts with practice, which is the main difference from the traditional education. Vocational and Professional education also has multiple ascending steps, whether it is production, electricity, gas, railway, construction engineering or aviation, there are clear career development pathway. For example, some secondary school students enrolled in vocational courses after leaving school whereby they learn practical knowledge, and the corporate academies allow students to learn and practise concurrently, such that they can familiarize with real-life, practical operations and can start work immediately after graduation. These students become hot recruitment targets of the industry and are particularly favoured by employers. It can be seen from this that as long as young people are determined to take the vocational and professional direction, devote themselves to work and continue with their part-time studies, they can quickly become professional/management talents, and their career prospects and income are definitely not inferior to those professionals in the industries who were educated by the traditional academic pathway.